Tanya Gayer


My work is autobiographical. I make it in order to learn how to understand my thoughts, my experiences, and also to remember my thoughts and experiences. I use objects or go to specific places in order to recreate these memories and to work through my thoughts.

Each image here is from a different project—2 are my newest projects that I am still in the midst of finishing. One is titled Home and the other is Things I Don't Know What to do About. Home is becoming a way in which I can recreate what I see as 'home' for myself and combining the ideas of what I know as 'home'.

Things I Don't Know... is a project I've been toying with for the past year or so in which I have been taking pictures of piles that I make. I make piles because I don't know what to do with certain things that I save or think I might use them in the future (most likely not). It probably contains wider aspects of American life or another far reaching aspect that I am still researching and incorporating into my work. For now I know most certainly that I make piles of items so that when I pass away people will know something about me when they look through them. It's somewhat scary coming to that realization.

Contact: eylassie@gmail.com