Scott Hinton

Research Associate, Adjunct Faculty

Scott Hinton, born 1974, a product of Orange County, California. Received his Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography at the University of Nevada in 2001 and his Masters of Fine Arts in 2004 from San Jose State University. From 2005 to current, Scott is Research Associate at the University of Nevada. Unique to photography, his job enlists him on various photographic projects including re-photography of South Lake Tahoe and Visual Case Study: Post-Fire Landscape development (Angora Fire, South Lake Tahoe). An active photographer, Scott continues his own creative projects photographing the evolving western landscape using 360-degree panoramic photography.

This body of work, Constructing Landscape, is a study of landscape using 360-degree panoramic photography. In the spirit of the commons, I consider the areas photographed to be my "backyard." This is not the possessive backyard fenced in to exclude others but a collective landscape that we all have a vested interest in. It is essential for me to continue my photographic work in the landscape and to record places that will continue to evolve.

Each panoramic photograph is made up of eight to fifteen images. The images are placed together in Photoshop and the seams between each image are left to emphasize the multiple images. Unlike many panoramic photographs where the seams are excluded and one precise image is made, these panoramic photographs explore the imperfections of vision to document the human constructed landscape. The horizons are lined up at the seam, creating a thread between each image of the panoramic photograph.