Ruby Mountains

A spectacular event lasting eight days, not a vacation, but truly an adventure. Mountain lion prints punctuated by fresh deer remains, coyote yelps serenading us from afar, alpine flowers of all types and colors, columbine to lupin to mule ears to flowers gentle and delicate...a chorus of wildness. Perhaps Thoreau is right when he wrote," wildness you will be set free..." And clear skies, summer storms and lighting punctuating the valley floors, way, way off in the distance. Hiking to a frozen alpine lake of no name, angling over steep snow packs, following the mountain goats and deer tracks. A fawn runs through the camp, and a student calls it a rabbit...laughing, teasing, breathing smoke from evening fires, eating well. And, most importantly, everyone came home tired but safe, after a long horseback ride. Everyone is working now, printing, imagining, remembering and realizing that they are now somehow different...this teaching offers lessons deep within their souls.

Students create projects based on their experiences in the field, guided by lessons and instruction during group meetings and activities. The emphasis is placed on sense of place and how to situate contemporary photography in the vast history of landscape and environmental images. These workshops offer an opportunity for students to practice their photographic skills while learning about the importance of bearing witness to the circumstance of environmental action.