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by Kat Wilson

Artist Statement

The Habitat series reveals the seamlessness of time by using new technologies (digital photography) to accomplish effects used by the Masters in order to portray people in their own time living with the things of their world.

Compositionally, triangles tell a narrative, leading the eye from object, to character, back to object again. The iconoclastic subjects offer glimpses of their most naturally occurring possessions in an arranged fashion.

Light and shadow dramatize the scene in a way similar to that of theatrical lighting, freezing the perspective after the eye completes its journey and invoking a quality like that observed by an audience right before the curtain falls.


Kat Wilson captures folks on film. In her acclaimed Habitat Series, she juxtaposes everyday and exotic household furnishings with her sitters in their natural surroundings. She arranges the objects they love in the environment that defines them. “I’m exploiting these people and their stuff,” Wilson admits, and through this exploitation she enables them to express themselves completely, if only for a single moment in time.

If Wilson were a subject of her own Habitat Series, she would be surrounded by kayak paddles, tennis rackets, angel wings, crutches, top hats, hair dye, wine bottles, telephoto lenses, and unsent love letters to Lady Gaga.

Wilson’s work has been published both regionally and internationally, including pieces in the Los Angeles Times, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the Washington Post, Little Rock Monthly, and Communication Arts. Her exhibits have been featured in the Historic Arkansas Museum, the University of Central Arkansas, the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, the Arkansas Arts Center, and the New York City Traveling Exhibit. She currently photographs for the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith.

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