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Cut Pieces

by Julia Bradshaw

Description of Project

"I continue to mine the library for my projects. For the project 'Cut Pieces' I am looking at the violation of photography and art books by some unthoughtful people at a university. Each image shows the spoiled pages: sometimes carefully cut to remove an image without further damaging the book and occassionally torn out in a destructive manner by using a ball-point pen as a cutting device and damaging many pages. As far as possible, I have identified the missing image and I have also included the library classification call number - this information is included as part of the image."

Artist Statement

"I create artworks as a means to problem-solve or comment upon issues of the everyday; such as social interactions, language or being an artist.

"Whether making observations about the art-institute, being a foreigner or marketing language, I respond to each situation in a straightforward but self-deprecating manner. Currently I am working on smaller, contained projects - a reflection of the current economy and my ever-lasting desire for less stuff in my life."


Born in Manchester England, Julia spent nine years living and working in Munich, Germany prior to moving to northern California. These international moves and her background in international project management are the fodder for her interest in language and cultural exchanges. She received her MFA in photography from San Jose State University in 2007 and currently works with photography, video and performance. She is assistant professor for photography at CSU Fresno in California.


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