Although it is relatively small (2600 square feet) the photography facility is extremely well equipped. In 2004 the main darkroom was renovated to facilitate color printing and has since been modified to include several digital printing stations. The photography curriculum is now nearly 90% digitally based. The printing area and darkroom facility are a cornerstone of the program. The Photography program is built on a printing studio.


The photography classroom is equipped with two slide projectors and an LCD projector that is connected to an Apple iMac for in-class demonstrations and presentations. It is also equipped for digital printing and can be used as a clean workspace for framing etc. when classes are not in session. The classroom is also used for printing oversize photographs using a wall-mounted enlarger and there is a large worktable.

Lighting Studio

The lighting studio is equipped with Profoto strobes and accessories, including: reflectors, softboxes, a variety of backdrops, a boom, and various attachments for creatively manipulating the lights. The room is large enough to create a full-length portrait while lighting the background and using a standard lens.

Main Darkroom and Finishing Room

This is the main activity center of our facility and is usually buzzing with students working on their projects. Now Epson printers make up a portion of the equipment in the finishing area and the printers are attached to Apple iMac computers. You will always find students in this area working on their prints.

We maintain capabilities for both black and white and color analog printing. In the darkroom there are 7 enlargers and 4 digital printing stations—including large-scale printing. There is a large stainless steel sink that can accommodate four 30x40 inch trays for mural printing.