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Megan Berner

Lecturer, Photography

Megan Berner

Contact Information


  • Master of Fine Art in Intermedia, drawing minor, University of Iowa, 2007
  • Master of Art in Intermedia, drawing minor, University of Iowa, 2007
  • Bachelor of Art in Photography and Spanish, University of Nevada, Reno, 2003


Megan Berner earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in Intermedia from the University of Iowa. Originally from the high desert, she lived in Iowa for three cold winters before moving back to the West. Her work is greatly influenced by the landscape of her native Nevada home, as well as the vast prairies of the Midwest, being a twin, mapping and exploration, and countless hours of daydreaming. She creates site-specific installations that incorporate video and sound and constructs performative scenes that ultimately exist as photographs. Other forms her artwork takes include artist's books, collaborative interactions, textile projects and narrative videos.

Exhibition History


  • In a Shifting Landscape, collaboration with Nat Evans
  • Chapel Performance Space, Seattle
  • For Nevada With Love, Holland Project Gallery, Reno, Nevada
  • Diminutive, small works group show, curated by Jen Graham, Bibo 3 Gallery, Reno, Nevada
  • MYSELF, Sheppard Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Tompkins Project West: Works on Paper, Dan Graham, Los Angeles


  • The Explorers, collaboration with Melanie Berner, Bibo 3 Gallery, Reno, Nevada
  • Culturing Community, The Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell, Iowa
  • ArtFem.TV, Gleisdorf, Austria
  • Salon des Refuses-Sights Unseen, Baltimore
  • Ideal X, Molekula, Rijeka, Croatia
  • ArtFem.TV, IX Festival Internácional de la Imágen, Manizales, Colombia
  • The Illustrated Accordion, Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Museum Studies, Sierra Arts Gallery, Reno, Nevada
  • Monochromatic, Holland Headquarters, Reno, Nevada
  • Reinventing History, GASA House, Reno, Nevada


  • ART 141 - Introduction to Digital Photography
  • ART 235 - Intermediate Photography: Artificial Lighting
  • ART 338 - Advanced Photography I
  • ART 438 - Advanced Photography II
  • ART 440 - Problems in Photography
  • Art 492 - Individual Study
  • Art 710 - Graduate Studio Practices
  • Art 698 - Seminar in the Visual Arts

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