Tamara ScronceScronce

Associate Professor: Sculpture

Master of Fine Arts Graduate Director

Office: 21A Church Fine Arts
(inside the John Snow Sculpture Center room 21)
Office Hours: 4-5 pm M/W; 4-6 pm T; or by appt.
Phone: (775) 784-1733
Email: tamaras@unr.edu

Website: http://www.tamaras.net/


I joined the Department of Art faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2000. Currently I am the Master of Fine Arts Graduate Director in addition to directing the Sculpture Program where I teach a variety of courses in all things three-dimensional. I am an object maker with a love of materials and a strong drive to work. I think it is my Northern European ancestry that instills in me a hard-wearing work ethic and need to labor. Making things just makes sense to me. Equal with my desire to make things is my desire to be intellectually engaged. The objects and installations I create are conceptually derived and utilize a wide variety of mediums including wood, steel, ceramic, and ready-made materials.

As an artist I am extremely privileged to be employed by the University to teach what I love researching and making contemporary art. Teaching visual art in a rigorous academic environment is a decidedly special circumstance. The possibilities are endless, the energy is high, and the outcome is most often unexpected. The art making process asks students to get engaged, be committed, and think creatively. I have the distinction of guiding students in using their heads and their hands to arrive at unique, personal solutions towards individual expression. The course of action and end results are like nothing else.

As an artist and a teacher I strive to be involved in my community on campus and off. In addition to teaching various classes in sculpture, MFA, and BFA course offerings, I serve as the MFA Graduate Director recruiting and advising graduate students. Off campus, I serve on the City of Reno’s Public Art Committee, and have recently been reappointed to a second three-year term as a City Arts and Culture Commissioner. I steadfastly hold the belief that art and culture are the foundation of a vital society.


MFA Candidate, University of Illinois, Chicago
MFA University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Courses Offered:

Sculpture and MFA Program

Sculpture I (ART 216)
Sculpture II (ART 217)
Intermediate Sculpture (ART 317 R)
Advanced Sculpture (ART 416 R)
Problems in Sculpture (ART 417 R/617 R)
BFA/MFA Intermedia (ART 442/642)
Individual Studies (ART 492 R/692)
BFA Thesis Project (ART 499)
MFA Graduate Studio Practices (ART 710)
MFA Graduate Tutorial (ART 722)
MFA Directed Readings (ART 747)
MFA Graduate Exhibition (ART 777)
MFA Community Service in the Arts (ART 790)