For Digital Media Majors

For Digital Media Minors

The following information includes course descriptions and the recommended/required progression of classes for Digital Media majors and minors:

Art 245 DIGITAL MEDIA I (1+4) 3 credits
Introduction to concepts and practices of computer art and related media
with an emphasis on contemporary experimental applications.
Prereq(s): ART 100 or one studio art course.
(offered each semester and occasionally during the summer)

Art 343 IMAGING AND MIXED MEDIA(1+4) 3 credits (Spring Term)
Exploration of issues and practices for two-dimensional electronic
digital imaging and mixed media applications. Includes montage,
collage, assemblage, image transfer, and large format printing.
Prerequisite ART 245

345 SOUND AND IMAGE (1+4) 3 credits (Fall Term)
Investigation and creation of audio and image production for the
studio artist. Activities include creation of experimental audio and
video works for performance and installation. Prerequisite: ART 245

350 ADVANCED DIGITAL MEDIA (1+4) 3 credits (Spring Term)
Emphasis on further developing skills for the critical and
conceptual utilization of digital media for personal expression.
Prerequisite: ART 245, 345. Maximum of 3 credits.

451 PROBLEMS IN DIGITAL MEDIA 1 to 3 credits
Tutorial on an independent basis arranged with tutor/advisor.
Students exhibit work as part of course requirement. Maximum
of 9 credits. Prerequisite: ART 350

Take the following courses when they are offered as they
tend to be scheduled once every two years.

346 NEW MEDIA ART IN CONTEXT (3+0) 3 credits
Survey of the history and contemporary practices, including
emphasis on individual artists and their work. Prerequisite: at least
one 200 level studio or art history course

Encourages an analytical and critical approach to historical and
contemporary issues related to the human/machine creative
interface. Maximum of 6 credits. Prereq(s): ART 350

Other recommended courses for Digital Media majors and minors (we are currently in the process of proposing to expand our program to include number of these courses as options for upper division credit for Digital Media students):

Art 405 Wallworks
Art 414 Book Arts
Art 452 Performance Art
Art 491R Studio Internship
CS 281: Introduction to game development
CS 481: Advanced game development

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