Quake/Friends & Quake/Friends.2  
Quake/Friends.2 Performance, March 8, 2003
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno

March 8th
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery
University of Nevada, Reno

Read the New York Times Article by Matt Mirapaul!

Performance Notes:
The performance was done before a live audience on the evening of March 8th, 2003. The image above is of the entire space from the back of the gallery. The six projections complimented by the sound of the game and the amplified voices of the performers combined to create a complex auditory and visual experience. Thanks to all who helped to make this event a success.

Threatened Legal Action by Warner Brothers
On March 5th, 2003, after "Quake/Friends" was featured in a widely read review in the New York Times, I received notice from the Warner Brothers legal department that they would consider elgal action against me over their view that I was possibly in copyright infringement over my use of "Friends" material in my performance works. They requested that I cease, after this second "Quake/Friends" performance, any further use of "Friends" material in my work and that I remove all copyrighted "Friends" material from my web site. Although it is my firm belief that these works are parody, and thus protected by "fair use" standards established by the United States Supreme Court, we eventually came to a compromise. I have suggested to WB and they have accepted my commitment not to perform a "new" script from the "Friends" TV show for "Quake/Friends.2". (I had originally planned to perform the original pilot episode that I downloaded from a "Freinds" fan website). Rather than presenting the pilot, we settled on performing from the same episode we used for the first performance in October of 2002. I have, however, refused to remove any content from my website.

This second version in the "Quake/Friends" series, was our first attempt at performing both online and in front of a live audience. The evening commenced with a solo-reading/performance of selected works of WW1 poet Seigfried Sassoon online in the "Medial of Honor" WW2 wargame simulation.

The main event of the evening followed: a reading, by a cast of six playing characters from the television show "Friends", real-time in a "Quake 3 Arena" online game space. The performance will featured six data projections showing the point of view of each actor in the game environment.

Read on for information about the first incarnation of "Quake/Friends". I've posted extensive documentation and imagery available from this page - click on the links above at right of this text box.

The first "Quake/Friends", October 18th, 2002:

On the evening of Ocotber 18th, 2002 at 7pm, 7 performers connected to the same "Quake III Arena" game server online. Instead of participating in the graphic, three dimensionally simulated environment of death, my group of performers recreated, by typing on our keyboards, an episode from the popular sit-com "Friends" - each of us logged in as one of the characters from the show. (The primary goal of this game is to kill as many opponents before they kill you - most kills wins the match.) So, Phoebe, Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Rachel performed, line for line, an adaptation of this season's first episode by typing, while at the same time reciting, the lines from the show using the games online messaging system - the lines of text appeared at the top of each player's screen in real time. Our performers functioned as passive, neutral visitors to the game - we were constantly killed and reincarnated to continue the performance.

The work is intended as a parodic mixing of popular entertainment to create a temporal occurrence of clashing inanities

Our Performers:

Joseph DeLappe as Ross
Charles Sheppard as Chandler
Eric Garaventa as Joey
Justin Lawrence as Phoebe
Dan Ruby as Monica
Pete Froslie as Rachel
Chris McCargar as Dad/Nurse/camera

This interventionist performance was staged in real-time online and in the Digital Media Studio of the University of Nevada, Reno.

special thanks to:

Jeanne Jo

Rachel Frankenhauser

Arriana Russell

This page is dedicated to the memory of Justin Lawrence.



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