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The Digital Media Studio of the University of Nevada, Reno is an interdisciplinary facility for the education and research of emergent media technologies in the visual arts. We serve students in the BA Studio Arts program, the BFA Interdisciplinary program and the MFA Interdisciplinary program all offered through the Department of Art. Currently under development is a minor in "Serious Games" in collaboration with Computer Science and Journalism.

We offer a range of courses emphasizing a creative, experimental approach to teaching students how to engage new technologies in their artistic production. The focus of the program is upon developing strategies to engage new processes, ideas and venues for the contemporary artist made possible new media technologies. Coursework involves encouraging an understanding of the historical and theoretical constructs surrounding new media technologies while at the same time providing a rigorous practicum exploring the vast range of possibilities inherent in emmergent digital technologies.

Coursework focuses on a broad range of creative possibilities, including but not limited to: two-dimensional image processing, audio/sound art, video art, installation, performance, social media, computer gaming, interactive art, processing and internet based artforms. Please look carefully at the curriculum offered prior to enrolling in classes (this is NOT a graphic design program!). Feel free to contact Professor Joseph DeLappe for any questions regarding the digital media program.


Digital Media Studio