Areas of Interest

The following are areas which have been projects of the Board and are highlights during any tour of the Arboretum. Donations are always welcome to help with expansion and maintenance. Enjoy these areas when you're on campus.

Benson Gardens

Dorothy Phillips Benson is a 1936 graduate of the University of Nevada. In 1936, with her father, she began operation of the Arlington Gardens Nursery off Arlington Street and since 1946 has, with her father, donated freely of plantings and landscaping over many parts of the university campus. In 1946 she donated the Benson gardens around the Planetarium in memory of her just deceased husband, John. Ms. Benson not only made donations but actually planted and worked in the garden. The garden contains many varieties of crabapples, plum, maples and evergreens; an area of drought tolerant plants, known as Xeriscape, was added in 1986.

Cherry Blossom Garden

Located on the northwest side of the planetarium, paralleling Virginia Street and immediately soouth of the Nevada State Historical Society, the Cherry Blossom Garden features Mt. Fuji cherry trees, azaleas, bamboo and ornamental grass. The garden was created in memory of Akiko Yamashita by her mother, Kiyoko, and in honor of Hasan Cesi. Akiko was a Japanese student here from 1989-1996. Hasan was a Turkish student here from 1988-1990.

Albert E. Hilliard Fall Foliage Quad

Surrounded by the Ansari Business, Mack Social Science, Reynolds Journalism and Chemistry buildings, the quad is bright with yellow and red colors during the fall season. The lawn is interspersed with ash, oak, weeping white birch and evergreen trees. Albert was an attorney in Reno in the late 1940's and served on the Board of Regents. He and his wife, Emily, maintained such strong interest in the university that they donated a portion of their estate to a chair for a distinguished professor in the humanities.

Fleischmann Agriculture Entry Landscape

Located at the entryway to the Agriculture College building on 9th Street. The Merrill magnolia shrub is the focal point with spring-flowering bulbs and colorful annuals during the summer, contrasting with the purple-leaf winter creeper and snow-in-summer groundcovers. Trees include crimean lindens, ash, blue spruce, dwarf montgomery spruce, and flowering pears along the street.

Hettich Garden

Honoring David Hettich, Ph.D. English, Associate Professor Emeritus, the Garden was dedicated at the same time as Frandsen Humanities which reopened for fall semester 2000 after extensive renovation. The Garden is located at the southeast side of the building. The Master Gardner volunteers were instrumental in completing the planting for this area in time for the dedication.

Jimmie’s Garden

Located on the west side of Manzanita Lake, fragrant rock daphne fills the air in the spring. Hornbeam, Weeping Nootka Cypress, and a Japanese Pagoda Tree watch over the star magnolias, rhododendrons, perennial shrubs and flowers. Jimmie's Garden was created by Jim and Mary Ann Kidder in memory of their son, James Ezra, b. January 29, d. February 7, 1976. "Too briefly a tenth generation American."

Merriam A. Brown Rose Garden

Located near one of the busiest parts of campus on the south side of Getchell Library and north of the Jot Travis Student Union lawn. Enjoy the paths and benches surrounded by a dizzying array of colorful roses, most labeled for your information.

Physics Planter

This area is on the hillside overlooking Hilliard Plaza adjacent to the Physics Building and the stairs leading to the upper campus and E.J. Cain Hall. The Arboretum Board was approached by the Society of Physics Students who volunteered to assist with the planting.

...And More

Did you know the University of Nevada, Reno Arboretum has 14 trees out of the 120 trees listed in the Nevada Big Tree Register 2000? To qualify for the Register, the tree must be the largest known specimen of the Genus and species in the entire state.

Nevada Big Tree Register 2000

The Register was compiled by the Nevada Division of Forestry from nominations submitted by big tree hunters. To qualify for this Register, the person nominating the tree believes that it is the largest tree for its species in Nevada. The Nevada Big Tree Register follows procedures used by the American Forestry Association. Look for these trees on your tree walks around campus.

Green Ash, Fraxinum pennsylvanica.

East of Center Street entrance. Circumference: 106"; height: 88'; crown: 62'/16; total points: 210.

Spanish Fir, Abies pinsapo.

East of Center Street entrance. Circumference: 75"; height: 51'; crown: 35'/9; total points: 135.

White Spruce, Picea glauca.

At Center Street entrance, northeast side of intersection. Circumference: 64"; height: 57'; crown: 32'/8; total points: 129.

Eastern Cottonwood, Populus deltoides.

West side of Clark Administration building. Circumference: 194"; height: 114'; crown: 90'/22.5; total points: 330.5.

Scotch Elm, Ulmus glabra.

South of Morrill Hall, west of flagpole. Circumference 143"; height: 73'; crown: 82'/21; total points: 237.

Dutch Elm, Ulmus x hollandica.

Along sidewalk west of Mackay School of Mines. Circumference: 105"; height: 69'; crown: 54'/14; total points: 188.

Black Alder, Alnus glutinosa.

Northwest corner of Jones Visitor Center. Circumference: 45"; height: 43'; crown: 38'/8; total points: 96.

Purpleblow Maple, Acer truncatum.

West entrance to Ross Hall, right side. Circumference: 36"; height: 34'; crown: 37'/9; total points: 79.

European White Elm, Ulmus laevis.

South of east entrance ramp to Getchell Library. Circumference: 108"; height: 46'; crown: 43'/11; total points: 165.

White Adler, Alnus rhombifolia.

East side of Getchell Library, closest to building north of entry ramps. Circumference: 33"; height: 54'; crown: 35'/9; total points: 116.

Eastern Juniper, Juniperous virginiana.

North side of east entrance ramp to Getchell Library. Circumference: 31"; height: 35'; crown: 27'/7; total points: 73.

Atlas Cedar, Cedrus atlantica.

East side Mack Social Sciences, center of Hilliard Plaza. Circumference: 77"; height: 68'; crown: 44'/11; total points: 156.

Visit the Nevada Division of Forestry for Big Tree updates and how you can nominate a tree.