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Geneva Kraus

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Academic Interests: Prehistoric archaeology of California and the Great Basin, lithics, cultural resource management and natural resource policy, geoarchaeology and paleoenvironmental studies, ethnobotany and traditional ecological knowledge

Status: MA

Previous Degree: B.A. (2011), Skidmore College

Research Areas: Great Basin, northern California and the Klamath River Basin, southern Sierra Nevada

Contact Information:

Biography:  Geneva is a second year Master's student interested in patterns of prehistoric land-use by hunter-gatherer groups; specific interests include the archaeology of the Klamath and Kern River regions including toolstone sources, lithic studies and resource procurement. Her thesis research will focus on an analysis of a mid-elevation prehistoric site in the Kern River uplands of the Sequoia National Forest in the context of changing patterns of land-use. Geneva has several years of work experience with federal agencies and smaller CRM firms in New York, California and Oregon. Other pursuits include running, hiking, music and travel.

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