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Emily Dale


Academic interests: Historic Archaeology, Ethnic Relationships, Transnational Behavior of Immigrant Groups, Integration of historic data and GIS mapping

Status: Ph.D.

MA thesis title: Archaeology on Spring Street: Discrimination, Ordinance 32, and the Overseas Chinese in Aurora, Nevada

Previous degrees: MA (2011), University of Nevada, Reno; BA (2007), University of Montana

Contact information:

Biography: Emily (aka Eddie) is a third year Ph.D. student at the University of Nevada, Reno examining the consumption habits of Overseas Chinese communities in and around Aurora, Nevada. Specifically, her dissertation will focus on 1880s-1890s Chinese woodchopping camps on Table Mountain and the differences and similarities to the 1860s-1870s patterns unearthed for her Masters' degree. Additionally, she is looking at the residential, economic, and architectural patterns throughout time at Aurora to examine how the transient nature of the constantly booming and busting mining camp did or did not produce changes on the town's landscape. She is currently teaching Anthropology 201 at UNR.

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