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Gary Haynes


  1. "A Preliminary Review of Bone and Teeth Abnormalities Seen in Recent Loxodonta and Extinct Mammuthus and Mammut, and Suggested Implications. online 2015, Quaternary International doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2015.04.001
  2. "The Millennium Before Clovis."  2015, PaleoAmerica 1(2): 134-162.
  3. Bone Breakage and Other Disturbances at the Inglewood Mammoth Site -- Technical Report Part II, 2015 online
  4. The Inglewood Mammoth Site (Prince George's County, Maryland) -- Technical Report Part 1, 2015 online


  • Haynes in ParisAfrican Archeology
  • Archeology Theory
  • North American Archeology
  • Environmental Archeology
  • Peoples and Cultures of Africa
  • Peopling of the Americas
  • Zooarcheology
  • Vertebrate Faunal Remains in Archeology

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