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5,310: Concessions

Last Revised: March 1998

University: When a university department brings a commercial enterprise on campus to raise funds for its department through a percentage of the sales, the department or commercial organization will be charged a flat fee per day and all related costs, etc., variable or fixed. The Scheduling Services Office will schedule the requested space and assess the appropriate fees. The intent of the regulations is to assure that departments providing service for the commercial event are compensated from the receipts of the fund-raising activity.

The above regulations do not apply when:

  • the ASUN Bookstore sells commercial items in the assigned bookstore area;
  • the Lawlor Events Center sells commercial items in conjunction with a scheduled activity;
  • athletic booster clubs sell commercial items to raise funds for intercollegiate athletics in conjunction with a scheduled athletic event.

Non-university: Requests for sales may be approved as specified in Section, 5,308.

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