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5,401: Building Security

Last Revised: July 2005

All buildings are locked by authorized personnel at the time specified by the campus building security schedule.

  1. The director of Facility Services is responsible for developing the schedule taking into consideration the individual needs of the units located in each building.
  2. All buildings are unlocked each school day morning by personnel in each building as determined by the dean whose departments occupy the facility.
  3. All buildings are locked at all other times except by special authorization and arrangement with Scheduling Services and director of Facility Services.
  4. University Police will monitor the security of all buildings after regular instructional periods.
  5. A new building perimeter security system has been installed in a number of buildings which require the use of a card key to enter and exit after normal business. Refer to section 5,008.
  6. For key control policy, refer to section 5,008.

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