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1,490: Team or Group Travel

Last Revised: July 2007

Team travel is defined as any student group travel whose group is a team, class or other organization directly affiliated with and sponsored by the university. Team travel may include travel expense of university employees who are required to accompany the student group and is appropriately chargeable to team travel expense.

Cash advances for team travel may be secured by submission of an "Employee's Travel Request" form at least 72 hours prior to the time the check is required. Within fifteen (15) days after completion of the trip, an expense report on a "Claim for Team Travel Expenses" form must be filed in the Controller's Office. All items on the expense report must be supported by either a vendor's receipt or "Receipt for Team Travel Expenses List" form.

Team or Group Travel Per Diem Rates and Lodging

Expense of meals and lodging may not exceed the amounts prescribed for state employees subject to the GSA federal per diem rates for in-state and out-of-state travel.

A receipt will not be required for in-state lodging which does not exceed the minimum rate for unsurveyed locations. Reimbursement for lodging expense for other in-state and out-of-state trips will require a receipt in accordance with existing policy.

Exceptions to the maximum out-of-state lodging rates in accordance with Section 1,401 above may be approved in advance by the individual authorized to approve such travel. Prior to the trip, a letter requesting approval of out-of-state lodging rates in excess of currently authorized rates should be submitted with an out-of-state "Employees Travel Request" form to the individual authorized to approve such travel.

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