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University Administrative Manual

1,527: Surplus Property

Last Revised: March 2008

Disposal of university property will be coordinated through Purchasing:

Purchasing will be notified when property, including equipment, is deemed to no longer be of use to a department.

Purchasing will decide on a course of action based on age, condition, usefulness to other departments, disposal or salvage value, and costs to remove the property. If the property is deemed to be worthless or a safety hazard, Purchasing will coordinate the disposal as refuse. A "furniture and equipment pool" will be a repository for items disposed of by one department but deemed to have some useful life to another department. University departments may avail themselves of merchandise from this pool without cost other than moving costs. Items remaining in the pool beyond 30 days, and items deemed to be unacceptable for re-use within the university, will be disposed of through public sale, sale to surplus or salvage dealers, or disposal through donation or refuse.

Computers turned in as surplus, when deemed no longer needed by the department or college will be turned over to IT. IT will attempt to place where needed most or, if not needed and after the hard drive has been purged, will be sent to surplus and made available to the public at the next published public surplus sale.

If any employee wants to purchase any surplus item, they must compete with all others that come to that sale.

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