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1,505: Conflict of Interest Prohibited

Last Revised: October 2009

In addition to such conflicts of interest prohibited by law, members of the Board of Regents and employees of NSHE:

  1. May not become a contractor or vendor of any purchase document or contract or real property transaction.
  2. May not be interested, directly or indirectly, through any member of his or her household, as defined by NRS 281.434, or through any business entity in which he or she has a financial interest, in any purchase, contact or real property transaction.
  3. May not accept any commission, profit, gift, loan, entertainment, service, or compensation of any kind as a result of or in conjunction with any purchase, contract or real property transaction.

Except where prohibited by law, appropriately documented exceptions to this policy may be permitted:

  1. For purchase documents or contracts for which the proposed vendor or contractor is the sole source for the commodity or service and the Regent or employee has certified in writing that he/she has not participated in or otherwise influenced the award, as determined by the Director of Purchasing.
  2. For the rental of university residential property provided that the rental is at market rate. 
  3. When, in the judgment of the president of the university, the public interest would best be served by making such an exception.

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