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2,040: University Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Revised: January 2016

The University of Nevada, Reno, is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from violence and threats of violence. Violence and threats of violence will not be tolerated. Individuals who commit acts of violence in the workplace will be subject to disciplinary action under NSHE Code, NAC, or the Student Code of Conduct and may also be subject to criminal prosecution. 

  • Threats of violence can include oral, written or cyber statements, gestures, or expressions that communicate a direct or indirect threat of physical or mental harm to another person or affiliate of that person such as family or personal property.

  • Supervisors are expected to take immediate action when becoming aware of threats by alerting their chain of command. Administrators must immediately notify University Police Services.

  • An investigation into the allegations must be conducted immediately by University Police Services, Human Resources, or other designated party and safety precautions promptly implemented in accordance with the nature of the threat. The investigation will involve notification of the University Threat Assessment Team, which is comprised of: (1) a representative from the employing department of the employee who is presenting the threat or a representative from the department where the threat occurred, if appropriate; (2) a representative from Human Resources; (3) University Police Services; and (4) the Provost's Office representative.

Because non-work issues are frequently the cause of workplace violence incidents, employees experiencing threats of violence from a domestic partner or other non-work relationship are encouraged to report this to their chain of command and to University Police Services. Supervisors who become aware of such situations should consult with their chain of command. 


Employees, students, or visitors who experience or witness acts of violence should contact University Police Services immediate at 911.

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