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Game Day Traffic Reminder

The 2015 Nevada Wolf Pack football season kicks off Thursday, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. With 20,000 fans heading to Mackay Stadium, traffic and parking congestion is expected Thursday afternoon.
Learn more about game-day traffic and parking around campus.

2,237: Longevity Pay

Last Revised: August 2005

Employees rated standard or better with eight years of continuous service qualify for longevity pay and are entitled to receive a semiannual payment of $75 plus an annual increase of $25 in the semiannual payment for each year of the employee's ninth through fourteenth years of continuous service; an annual increase of $50 in the semiannual payment for each of the employee's fifteenth through twenty-fourth years of continuous service ; and an annual increase of $75 in the semiannual payment for each additional year of continuous service after 24 years, up to a maximum of 30 years of continuous service. Maximum payment after 30 years of services is $1,175. The dates upon which classified employees become eligible for longevity pay are June 30 and December 31, with payments in July and December. Semi annual payments to part-time classified employees are pro-rated. Payments are also pro-rated for classified employees who have been on leave without pay or catastrophic leave for more than 30 working days in a calendar year.

A classified employee's performance must be rated as standard or above on the last performance report, if the report was issued within the last twelve months, in order to qualify for longevity pay. If a classified employee's performance was not rated during the past twelve months, performance is assumed to be standard.

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