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2,722: Administrative Guidelines on Merit for Personnel Decisions

Last Revised: December 1997

Certain university-wide standards are assumed; a professor at the University is expected to have equal stature with a professor at other institutions of the same quality. Both university committees and the university administration attempt to ensure that standards of excellence are applied uniformly throughout the University.

The UNR Bylaws define the standards to be utilized for recommending appointment with tenure. A failure to grant tenure does not require any statement of negative causes or reasons and does not necessarily imply inadequacies in the qualifications or performance of the faculty member.

Concerning promotion recommendations, it is understood that merit is the main determinant of advancement, but service also is a criterion. Only in very unusual cases is promotion beyond the rank of instructor or equivalent rank granted when the faculty member involved has not completed all requirements for the terminal degree usual in the discipline or professional assignment.

An individual whose main assignment is teaching and/or research may be considered for more rapid promotion if outstanding in both of these fields or in one of these fields and in public service.

An individual whose main assignment is public service may be considered for more rapid promotion if outstanding in service program activities of community development, and if outstanding in national or regional as well as local levels of public service.

The UNR Bylaws state that, "A member of the faculty may be considered for promotion in any year. An instructor shall be evaluated and formally considered for promotion no later than the second year in rank if he or she has the formal education requirement of the next rank and annually thereafter."

Five years in the rank of assistant professor (consideration during the fifth contract year at the University or elsewhere with the appropriate terminal degree, promotion with sixth contract) is the period of service to be expected before advancement to a higher rank, but exceptions for merit may be made.

Promotion from the rank of associate professor (consideration during the seventh contract year as an associate professor, promotion with eighth contract) may be accelerated for special reasons so that consideration is given in the sixth year and, in any case, as specified in the UNR Bylaws, "An associate professor shall be evaluated and formally considered for promotion no later than the sixth year in rank and annually thereafter." In a few cases, promotion might be considered earlier but even greater merit must be shown.

The above specified times are not to be construed as a minimum time in rank before promotion. Any academic or equivalent rank may be a terminal rank.

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