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2,691: Conflict of Interest Policy

Revised:  August 2012

This policy sets forth University, Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, State and Federal requirements to identify, manage, reduce and/or eliminate conflicts of interest.  The key to conflict of interest management is timely and appropriate disclosure by University Employees who shall disclose any outside activity or interest that may adversely affect, compromise, or be incompatible with the obligations of the Employee to the University or to widely recognize professional norms as defined herein. Employees shall disclose all potential conflicts held by the Employee or the Employee's Household or Family Members that the Employee knew or should have known. Such disclosure shall be made on an annual basis by Faculty and Key Personnel and on a project basis as necessary for other employees.  Potential conflicts of interest, when properly disclosed and managed, can serve to benefit the University, the State of Nevada, and the Nation.  This policy prescribes procedures for disclosure, review, and for the exercise of ongoing oversight of potential and/or actual conflicts where necessary.   It also provides for review of decisions at higher levels of University administration. Lastly, it indicates the sanctions that may be applied when the policy is violated.

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