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2,519: Administrative Faculty Job Description

Revised: March 2016

An Administrative Faculty Job Description Form is available on the Human Resources website.  A Job Description: 

  • Is required whenever a new administrative faculty position is proposed or when a range or title evaluation is requested
  • Should accurately reflect the current responsibilities of the position and be reviewed periodically 
  • Over three years old must be updated prior to opening a search

All new or revised Job Descriptions are submitted to Human Resources, through administrative channels, for evaluation and placement within an appropriate range using the Administrative Faculty Job Evaluation Model.   For instructions visit the Human Resources website.

Job Evaluation and Classifications Year-End Schedule:

In order to accommodate July 1 effective dates for revisions to current, filled Administrative Faculty job descriptions/positions, submissions for job evaluation review must be received by Human Resources by April 5 for a May 1 or later effective date. Requests received after April 5, if approved, will not be effective until August 1 at the earliest. A placement decision will typically be completed within two to six weeks following submission of a Job Description Form to Human Resources.

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