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Year Three Accreditation Steering Committee

  1. Joe Cline, co-chair: Provost Office
  2. Stacy Burton, co-chair: English
  3. Audrey Casey: Provost Office
  4. Jack Hayes: Biology
  5. Tom Harrison: Education
  6. Jennifer O'Neil: Engineering Advisor
  7. Steve Maples: Prospective Students Office
  8. Maggie Ressel: Libraries
  9. Bruce Shively: Planning, Budget, & Analysis
  10. Jeff Lacombe: Materials Engineering
  11. Patricia Ellison: Biochemistry
  12. Daniel Enrique Perez: Foreign Languages & Literatures
  13. Melissa Piasecki: Medicine
  14. Rosemary McCarthy: Journalism
  15. Mahasin Saleh: Social Work
  16. Sam Males: Small Business Development Center
  17. David Ake: Music
  18. Kerri Garcia: Extended Studies
  19. Swatee Naik: Mathematics

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