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Accreditation Timeline

In 2009, the institution's accrediting body, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, revised its oversight process to reduce the cycle from ten years to seven years, while increasing the number of scheduled evaluations from two evaluations over ten years to three valuations over seven years.  A calendar prepared by NWCCU gave the schedule to be followed by each accredited institution in transition from the decennial oversight process to the new septennial process.  The sequence and timing of events varies by institution, since it was determined by the length of time since the institution's most recent comprehensive evaluation. For most institutions the first cycle of oversight will be shorter than seven years.  The calendar showing the University of Nevada, Reno transition schedule can be found on the  NWCCU evaluation Schedule.

Printable Accreditation Timeline

  • 2007 - Ten Year Self-Study and Visit
  • 2009 - Focused Interim Visit
  • 2010 - Focused Interim Visit

Septennial Process Begins

  • 2011 - Year One Report - Standard One
  • 2013 - Year Three Report & Visit - Standard Two
  • 2016 - Year Seven Report & Visit - Standard Three, Four and Five

New Septennial Process begins

  • 2017 - Year One Report - Standard One

Expedited Schedule set on NWCCU Transition Calendar

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