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Initial Placement Qualifying Test Score
English 98 ACT - 17 or lower
SAT - 430 or lower
English 100J ACT - 18-20
SAT - 440-500
English 101 ACT - 21-29
SAT - 510-670
English 102 ACT - 30 or higher
SAT - 680 or higher

Core Writing equips students to communicate effectively in a range of ways. These skills will be essential for every student's education.

All students must complete ENG 102 -Composition II

Your initial placement is based on your highest ACT/SAT English score. Depending upon your test scores, you may be required to take additional English classes before taking ENG 102.

View the full description of the writing (English) core requirement in the General Course Catalog.

SemesterACT 17 or below
SAT 430 or below
ACT 18-20
SAT 440-500
ACT 21-29
SAT 510-670
ACT 30+
SAT 630
Pre-Requisite English 98
Requisite 1 English 101 English 100J English 101
Requisite 2 English 102

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