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Fine Arts

Core Fine Arts equip students to recognize the crucial role the arts play in shaping our experiences in and understandings of the world. The array of offerings in this area enables students to investigate either academic or practical approaches to the various forms and meanings of artistic expression.

You must complete at least one course from the list below:

  • ART 100: Visual Foundations
  • (Effective Fall 2014) ART 141: Introduction to Digital Photography
  • ART 252 R: Cinema I/The Silent Era
  • ART 253: Cinema II/The Sound Era
  • ART 260 R: Survey of Art History I
  • ART 261: Survey of Art History II
  • DAN 265: History of Dance I
  • DAN 266: History of Dance II
  • DAN 467: Dance Criticisms & Aesthetics
  • MUS 121: Music Appreciation
  • MUS 122: Survey of Jazz
  • MUS 123: History of American Popular Song
  • MUS 124: History of American Musical Theater
  • MUS 341: Music History I
  • MUS 342: Music History II
  • SOTA 101: Intro to the Arts
  • PHIL 202: Intro to the Philosophy of the Arts
  • THTR 100: Intro to the Theatre
  • THTR 105: Intro to Acting
  • THTR 210: Theatre: A Cultural Context
  • Or: Students may also fulfill the fine arts requirement by completing three, one-credit music performance courses; any course with the MUSE prefix may be used for this option.

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