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The following courses satisfy the Diversity requirement in the original Core Curriculum. 

For courses that satisfy Silver Core CO 10 and/or 11, please view the General Catalog, select the 2016 Draft Catalog in the dropdown menu, and select 7. Core Curriculum in the sidebar.

ANTH 201 Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANTH 220/BASQ 220/PSC 220  Intro to Basque Cultural Studies in a Global Frame
ANTH 378/BASQ/PSC/SOC/WMST 378  Basque Transnationalism in the U.S.
ANTH 400A Indians of North America
ANTH 400B  Indians of the Great Basin
ANTH 400E Native American Literature
ANTH 401A  Contemporary Latin American Society
ANTH 401C  The Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH 401D Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Aisa
ANTH 410/WMST 410  Topics in Gender and Culture
ANTH 411B  The Anthropology of Islam and Muslim Cultures
ANTH 420  Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
ANTH 421 Legends, Myths and Customs: Folklore and Culture
ANTH 470/WMST 470  Gender and Migration
ANTH 480 Anthropological Linguistics
ANTH 485 Language and Culture
BASQ 220/ANTH 220/PSC 220  Intro to Basque Cultural Studies in a Global Frame
BASQ 378/ANTH/SOC/PSC/WMST 378  Basque Transnationalism in the U.S.
BASQ 407 Contemporary Basque Politics
CEE 120  Civil Engineering for a Sustainable Society
CHI 221  China and its Culture
CHS 360  Disability Issues in Health Ecology
COM 407  Communication Between the Sexes
COM 412  Intercultural Communication
COM 422  Difference and Communication
CRJ 380 Diversity and Multiculturalism in Community Policing
CRJ 381  Diversity and Multiculturalism in Criminal Justice
CRJ 411 Comparative Criminal Justice System
CRJ 427  Struggle for Justice
CRJ 475  Women and the Criminal Justice System
CRJ 479  Feminist Jurisprudence: Violence against Women
DAN 266 History of Dance II: 20th Century
ECON 305  Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 334  Economic History of U.S.
ECON 359  Economic Development
ECON 442  History of Economic Ideas
ECON 461  Chinese Economy
EDSP 411  Students with Disabilities in General Education Settings
EDU 208  Mild to Moderate Disabilities
EDUC 413  Education for a Changing World
ENG 304  American Literature and Culture
ENG 345/WMST 345  Literature of Ethnic Minorities in the U.S.
ENG 413A  Sociolinguistics
ENG 416B  Language and Gender
ENG 427A/WMST 427A  Women and Literature
ENG 475A American Autobiography
ENG 486A  Studies in Postcolonial Literature and Theory
ENG 490A/WMST 489  Gender and Sexual Identity in Literature
ENG 492C  Language and Culture
ENG 494A  Native American Literature
ENG 495C  African American Literature
ENG 497B Ethnicity, Gender, and American Identity
ETS 280  Native American Identities and Culture
ETS 307  Topics in Race and Racism
FREN 406/WMST 406  Francophone Literature and Films in Translation
GERO 430/NURS 430  Aging and Health
GRI 201  Contemporary Diversity
GRI 257  Social Movements of Gender, Race, and Identity
GRI 415  Jewish Thought and Philosophy
HDFS 232  Diversity in Children
HDFS 438  Children and Families in a Multiethnic Society
HGPS 201  Concepts in Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies
HIST 211  History of East Asia I
HIST 212  History of East Asia II
HIST 213  Asian Americans in US History
HIST 215  History of Sexuality in the United States
HIST 224  Pirates and Hackers
HIST 227 Introduction to Latin American History and Culture I
HIST 228 Introduction to Latin American History and Culture II
HIST 230 Hist of Africa I
HIST 231A  Islam in Africa: History, Religion, Culture and Politics
HIST 293  Introduction to African American History
HIST 296 Nomads to Nations in Inner Eurasia
HIST 305 Women in Science: A historical and biographical perspective
HIST 312  Expansion of the United States
HIST 320 Hispanic Culture US
HIST 340  Modern African Diaspora and Popular Cultures
HIST 344  Andean Ethnohistory
HIST 347  The History of Mexico
HIST 416B  Contemporary America: The United States since 1945
HIST 418  History of the U.S.-American Indian Relations
HIST 432  History of Women in the United States
HIST 433A  The African American Freedom Struggle After 1865
HIST 439  Religion and Society in Latin America
HIST 442/WMST 442 Women in Latin America
HIST 467  Modern Jewish History
HIST 477  Culture and Society in Modern Africa
HIST 479  Race and Ethnicity in American History
HIST 490B  Social History of Medicine in the Modern Era
HIST 493/WMST 493  Queer History & Theory
HON 410  Area Study
JOUR 481  Race, Gender, And Media
JPN 221  Japan and its Culture
MGT 480  International Management
MINE 472  World Mineral Economics
MKT 456  International Marketing
MUS 421/WMST 421  Gender and Ethnicity in American Music
MUS 431  Exploring World Music
NRES 211  Conservation, Humans and Biodiversity
NRES 214  Culture and the Use and Management of Natural Resources
NURS 430/GERO 430  Aging and Health
NURS 493 Biology of Aging
NUTR 325  Food and Culture
PHIL 210  World Religions
PHIL 245  Contemporary Moral Issues
PSC 220/ANTH 220/BASQ 220  Intro to Basque Cultural Studies in a Global Frame
PSC 255/WMST 255  The American Women's Movement
PSC 353/WMST 353  Identity Politics in the US
PSC 354/WMST 354  Politics and Women
PSC 378/ANTH/BASQ/SOC/WMST 378  Basque Transnationalism in the United States
PSC 405H  International Human Rights
PSC 405I  Holocaust and Genocide
PSC 407B  Political Systems of East Asia
PSC 407E  Political Systems of Latin America
PSC 407F  Political Systems of China
PSC 407J  Nationalism
PSC 407S  Comparative Political Economy
PSC 407T  Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
PSY 431 Multicultural Psychology
PSY 467  Psychology of Gender
RST 101  Introduction to Religious Studies
SOC 345  Social Movements and Collective Behavior
SOC 376 The Community
SOC 378/ANTH/BASQ/PSC/WMST 378  Basque Transnationalism in the U.S.
SOC 379  Ethnic and Race Relations
SOC 405  Third-World Societies
SOC 406  Globalization and Society
SOC 409/WMST 409  Gendered Violence
SOC 453/WMST 453  Gender and Society
SOC 464  Conformity and Deviance
SOC 490  Class, Race and Gender
SPA 301  Survey of Speech Pathology
SPAN 323  Chicano/U.S. Latino Culture
SPAN 357  Masterworks of Chicano/U.S. Latino Literature
SW 461  Social Services in Death, Dying and Bereavement
SW 462  Lesbian and Gay Lives
SW 466  Disability: Social and Health Issues
SW 467  Women: Biographies and Issues
THTR 210  Theatre: A Cultural Context
THTR 473  Theatrical Periods
WLL 450  Hispanic Women's Literature in English Translation
WLL 470  Multiculturalism in Literature and Film
WMST 101  Introduction to Women's Studies
WMST 250  Introduction to Feminist Theory
WMST 255/PSC 255  The American Women's Movement
WMST 300  Genders, Cultures, and Identities
WMST 345/ENG 345  Literature of Ethnic Minorities in the U.S.
WMST 353/PSC 353  Identity Politics in the US
WMST 354/PSC 354  Politics and Women
WMST 378/ANTH/BASQ/PSC/SOC 378  Basque Transnationalism in the U.S.
WMST 406/FREN 406  Francophone Literature and Films in Translation
WMST 409/SOC 409  Gendered Violence
WMST 410/ANTH 410  Topics in Gender and Culture
WMST 419  Men and Masculinities
WMST 421/MUS 421  Gender and Ethnicity in American Music
WMST 427A/ENG 427A  Women and Literature
WMST 430  Gender, Literature, and the Arts
WMST 450  Feminist Theory and Methods
WMST 453/SOC 453  Gender and Society
WMST 467  Psychology of Gender
WMST 470/ANTH 470  Gender and Migration
WMST 489/ENG 490A  Gender and Sexual Identity in Literature
WMST 493/HIST 493  Queer History & Theory

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