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This manual is aimed at the student working toward a minor or major in psychology. If nothing else, we recommend that you read the section on Advisement. It is important for all students to learn how to navigate through a course of study toward a degree. This manual will be useful for all students majoring in psychology. It is especially important, however, for those planning to pursue a future in psychology. Since most (but not all) professional opportunities in psychology per se require a degree beyond the bachelor's level, if you plan to stay in psychology you will probably go on to graduate study for a master's degree or Ph.D. Some sections of this manual refer to preparation or requirements for degrees beyond the bachelor's (graduate study). If you are one of those who wants to pursue the field of psychology, these sections are for you. Some graduate programs in psychology are especially competitive; having a reasonable chance of success may depend upon adequate preparation as an undergraduate. Even a vague goal will help. The more specific your goal, the easier it will be to utilize advisement and move efficiently toward your chosen degree.

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