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The Department of Psychology offers the Master of Arts degree in general psychology. Doctoral programs are available in general psychology, with concentrations in Behavior Analysis, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Please select one of the options below to learn more about our graduate programs

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS - click HERE to find out more information about the application procedure which involves applying to both the Graduate School and to your specific program of interest.

Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychology Program at UNR is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association, and is a charter member of the Academy of Clinical Science. We seek to train doctoral level clinical scientists who have a thorough grounding in research and scholarly activities, can develop and utilize scientific knowledge, are skilled in using their critical thinking and analytic tools in problem formulation and solution generation, and have a thoroughly developed repertoire of professional competencies, including applied skills.

Behavior Analysis

The aim of the Program is to provide comprehensive training in behavior analysis, out of which more specialized basic, applied, and theoretical interests may be developed. A balance of basic, applied, and theoretical training is sought. Our faculty and students strive to:
-Preserve the accumulated knowledge of behavior science by imparting it to others;
-Develop the science of behavior through the production of new knowledge;
-Contribute to the betterment of society by the application of this knowledge;
-Assure the viability of the profession through participation in its governance;

Cognitive & Brain Sciences

The Cognitive and Brain Sciences Program is designed to train students to become effective scholars and instructors and to prepare them for professional positions in academic and research settings. During the first two years students complete a series of foundation courses in statistics, perception, conditioning, cognition, comparative psychology, and physiological psychology. These courses prepare the students for the comprehensive exam at the end of their second year. In subsequent years a wide variety of seminars and independent study options are available for pursuing students´ areas of interest, and Ph.D. candidates take a Ph.D. comprehensive exam within their primary areas of specialization.

Interdisciplinary Social Psychology

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Social Psychology is founded on a vision of social psychology as the core discipline of human affairs. It represents an integration of psychological and sociological scholarship in the understanding of human, personal, and social life.

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