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The Department of Psychology has two sets of goals for its undergraduate curriculum:

(1) The education of students with a liberal arts foundation, who:
  • understand basic principles in psychology
  • understand methods of inquiry in psychology
  • appreciate the relevance of psychology to human affairs
  • can think critically and analytically about psychological matters
(2) The training of students who:
  • are prepared to pursue graduate study in psychology and related disciplines
  • have adequate oral, writing, analytical and computational skills to achieve that goal
  • have a thorough appreciation of methods of scientific inquiry in psychology
  • can read primary literature in psychology with understanding and appreciation
  • have a broad appreciation of various psychological fields and their applications
  • are able to integrate different domains of knowledge within the discipline
  • To achieve these goals, and to satisfy the differing educational needs of psychology majors, the department has developed two tracks in the undergraduate curriculum: the liberal arts track and the graduate school preparation track.

Course Catalog

The course curriculum has recently changed.

If your major or minor in Psychology was declared before Fall 2012, please see the course catalog for Pre-2012. If declaring your major or minor in Psychology occured Fall 2012 or after, please see course catalog for 2012-2013.


2011-2012 & Older

The University also offers an interdesciplinary Neuroscience Major.

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