Behavior Analysis Program

Satellite Program Faculty

The faculties for the Satellite Programs are drawn from the University of Nevada, Reno, other universities and research centers across the country, as well as qualified regional professionals. Instructors are hired to teach individual courses and are selected on the basis of their expertise. Inquiries from persons interested in teaching courses in the Satellite Programs should be addressed to the Director of the Satellite Programs, Linda J. Parott Hayes, Ph.D.

The Satellite Program faculty has included the following members of the behavior analytic community:

  • Mark Alavosius, Ph.D.
  • Amanda Adams, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Mark Adams, Ph.D.
  • John Austin Ph.D.
  • Cynthia Blackledge, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Lisa Britton, Ph.D., BCBA
  • James Carr, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Michael C. Clayton, Ph.D.
  • Iser G. DeLeon, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Patrick M. Ghezzi, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Fernando Guerrero, Ph.D.
  • Eric Fox, Ph.D.
  • Linda J. Parrott Hayes, Ph.D.
  • Thomas S. Higbee, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Ramona Houmanfar, PhD.
  • Joel Hundert, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Linda LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Meeta Patel, Ph.D., BCBA
  • William F. Potter, Ph.D.
  • Henry S. Roane, Ph.D.
  • Stephen Starin, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Rachel Tarbox, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Adel Najdowski, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Jonathan Tarbox, Ph.D.
  • Michele Wallace, Ph.D.
  • Nicole Walton-Allen, Ph.D., BCBA
  • Larry Williams, Ph,D., BCBA

Behavior Analysis Program
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