Behavior Analysis Program

Research Laboratory: Patrick M. Ghezzi, Ph.D., BCBA

Patrick Ghezzi, Ph.D.Dr. Ghezzi's past and present research and scholarship is diverse, ranging from laboratory, quasi-laboratory and naturalistic studies in operant and respondent conditioning with humans and nonhumans to improving services and learning outcomes for young children with developmental disabilities. Although the latter area constitutes the bulk of his current interests, they are not restricted to it.

Lab Members

Cynthia Cardenas Cynthia Cardenas

Research interests: Behavioral education; Instructional design; Precision Teaching; Direct Instruction; Autism; Stimulus control; Organizational Behavior Management


Alisha Holder Alisha Holder

Research interests: Behavior Acquisition in Children with Developmental Disabilities; Treatment of Childhood Autism; Social Skills Training; Behavioral Treatment of Addictions


Ainsley McPherson Ainsley McPherson

Research interests: Autism; Early Intervention; Gambling



Kimberly Sigler Kim Sigler

Research interests: Applying behavior analysis in the educational treatment of autism; Functional analysis and treatment of pediatric behavior disorders; Parent, teacher and staff training; Self monitoring procedures; Behavioral interventions with adolescents in state homes


Maria Stevenson Maria Stevenson, M.S., BCBA

Pre-doc title: A Comparisons of Data Collection Methods (Advisors: Michele Wallace, Ph.D. & Patrick Ghezzi, Ph.D.)

Research interests: Functional Analysis; Functional Behavior Assessments; Problem Behavior; Measurements in BA; Precision Teaching; BA in Education


Sara Stratz Sara Stratz

Research interests: Early Childhood Autism Intervention; Staff/Parent Training



Benjamin Witts Benjamin Witts

Research interests: Gambling Behavior; Probabilistic and Delayed Discounting; Differences in Hypothetical versus Real Rewards in Research; Generalization of Acquired Responses in Children with Autism; Imitative Repertoire Development; Dissemination of Behavior Analysis; Science and Pseudoscience as it Pertains to Behavior Analysis


For further information please contact Dr. Ghezzi at:

Patrick M. Ghezzi
Department of Psychology / 296
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557

Phone #: (775) 682-8687
Fax #: (775) 784-1126


Behavior Analysis Program
Mack Social Science, Room 404, Depart. of Psychology, Mail Stop 296, Reno, NV 89557-00240
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