Behavior Analysis Program


The University of Nevada, Reno Behavior Analysis Program is comprised of internationally recognized experts and leaders specializing in a variety of areas. Courses and research in the program are taught and supervised by six core faculty members. The Program also collaborates with numerous other experts who function as Affiliated Faculty teaching in the on-campus and off-campus Satellite Programs in Behavior Analysis.

Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

  • Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.
  • William B. Abernathy, Ph.D., Ohio State University (1978) Organizational Behavior Management
  • Kimberly Berens, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno (2005) Precision Teaching, The Center for Advanced Learning
  • Sidney W. Bijou, Ph.D., University of Iowa (1941) Theory of child development, Developmental disabilities, Learning in academic settings, Infantile autism
  • Mary Ann Demchak, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (1987) Developmental Disabilities (Curriculum and Instruction Department)
  • Victoria Follette, Ph.D., Memphis State University (1989)Marital and family therapy, spouse abuse, incest survivors, psychotherapy outcome research Clinical Psychology); Department Chair
  • Debra Fredericks, Ph.D., RNC, APN, University of Nevada, Reno (2001) University of Nevada, Reno, School Medicine, Alzheimer´s and Related Dementias, Behavioral Management and Caregiver Training
  • Dwight Harshbarger, Ph.D., University of North Dakota (1969) Organzational Behavior Management, Experimental Analysis of Behavior
  • Donald A. Jackson, Ph.D., University of Utah (1973) Developmental Disabilities, Social Skills Training
  • Barbara Kohlenberg, Ph.D.,University of Nevada, Reno (1994)Verbal Behavior, Addictive Disorders, Clinical Psychology in medical settings (Psychiatry & Behavioral Science)
  • David E. Luke, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University (1972) Organizational Behavior Management, Performance Engineering, Developmental Disabilities
  • Maria E. Malott, Ph.D., Western Michigan University (1987) Systems Analysis, Organizational Behavior Management, International Recognition of Behavior Analysis
  • James Owen, Ph.D., University of Denver(1967) Radical Behaviorism and Speech (Speech and communication Department)
  • Michele D. Wallace, Ph.D., University of Florida (2000) Developmental disabilities, Functional analysis and treatment of behavior disorders, Analysis of verbal behavior

Behavior Analysis Program
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Phone: (775) 682-8686 | FAX: (775) 682-1126 
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