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PATH: Employment

PATH employees must be at least part-time students at UNR in order to qualify for a position. Employees’ part-time status must continue throughout the employment period in order to be eligible. Previous exposure to psychology classes is recommended but is not a requirement in order to be an employee. Prospective staff members should have a desire to work with adults with intellectual disabilities.

What to Expect

Each new employee is trained by one of the PATH management staff prior to working directly with PATH consumers. Initial training sessions outlining basic behavior analytic principles, job duties, policies, procedures, and data collection are completed first. Following this training, employees are given training on each individual consumer until they feel comfortable. Employees are then able to work one-on-one with a consumer.

Job Duties

PATH employees are expected to follow the consumer schedule outlined by the graduate students. Each graduate student is responsible for managing 2-3 consumers’ cases. All consumers have a daily schedule outlining various activities, breaks, lunch, and cleaning up times. Employees are assigned to a different consumer each hour and required to guide the consumer through the scheduled activities. Employees are also expected to collect data on consumer behavior during the hour.

PATH employees are also required to attend one staff meeting every 2 weeks. Every other week two staff meetings are scheduled, one before work and one after, employees are required to attend one of these meetings.


To schedule an interview directly, ask questions, or set up a tour please contact PATH via phone at (775) 636-2584, or email (


An electronic application form is available below or by clicking here. Those interested should print out a copy and fill out the form. They then should call PATH, (775) 636-2584, or email use at, to set up an interview, and bring the completed application to the interview. Initial pay rates are based on previous experience.

Behavior Analysis Program
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