Painting & Drawing

Art 231 Painting 1

Art 231 is a course designed to introduce students to painting. The course functions on two basic concepts: to build upon ideas by conceptually exploring different options and to explore painting techniques and media through demonstration, investigation and experimentation.

Art 232 Painting 2

Painting 2 continues the development of technical skills that students explored in Painting 1, as well as more of an emphasis on the continued development of their conceptual approach to their work. This is less of a class in “how-to” paint but rather a course designed to address the issues of what and why one paints.

Art 332 Intermediate Painting

In Intermediate Painting students are encouraged to explore their ideas in a series. The course emphasis is on an individual’s approach to their work, their technical skills in presenting concepts and their ability to present their work to an audience.

Art 432 Advanced Painting

As in Intermediate Painting, students are asked to continue developing their personal approach to art making. This class offers more freedom for the individual student to develop their concepts, painting ability and work ethic in a more open environment that centers mostly around presenting final work at biweekly critiques.