Book Arts

Through its instructional programs the Black Rock Press introduces students to the graphic arts techniques and intellectual disciplines involved with the creation of books and related materials. They are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the book as a special kind of object whose form can help reveal its content. In the course Book Arts, students learn typographic design and letterpress printing, as well as the historical aspects of printing and book production. Book Arts II deals with bookmaking techniques at an advanced level. Another course, Book Design, teaches student the techniques of traditional and contemporary book design.

Beyond the classroom, the Black Rock Press works closely with university departments in art, history, English, and journalism, providing orientations, in-depth tours, and lectures on various aspects of the book arts. The press's goal is to make its resources available to the university community and beyond, as a center for interdisciplinary activities in the book arts.

Courses Offered:

Currently, the Black Rock Press teaches three book arts classes during the academic year:

Art 414 - Book Arts: An introduction to book arts and the history of bookmaking.

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