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Summer Freshman Start


Phone: (775) 784-4652

Summer Freshman Start Brochure (PDF)

Tuition Award Information (PDF)

What is Summer Freshman Start?

Summer Freshman Start is an opportunity for incoming freshmen to complete degree requirements before the fall semester. Summer courses are offered in many subjects, including math, English and 100- or 200-level classes that satisfy core requirements needed for your degree. Taking classes in the summer allows you to get an early start on your education, while enjoying free outdoor events and the beauty of campus during the summer months.

Math and English Placement at the University of Nevada, Reno

For math placement cutoffs, visit the Math Center’s website.

For English placement cutoffs, visit the Core Writing Program’s website.

Every undergraduate degree at the University requires ENG 101 and MATH 120 or MATH 126. Your ACT and/or SAT scores are used to place you into the appropriate math and English class.

Did you place into MATH 95, MATH 96 or ENG 98? If so, Summer Freshman Start has options to help you succeed.

  • Take MATH 95, MATH 96 and/or ENG 98 early over the summer! Upon successful completion, you can take MATH 120, 126 and/or ENG 101 in the fall and stay on track for graduation.
  • Take the Accuplacer test at the University’s Math Center to determine placement into math courses.
  • Submit a writing sample to the University’s Core Writing office to determine placement into English course.

How do I enroll in Summer Session classes?

Before you can enroll in Summer Session classes, you must first be accepted to the University of Nevada, Reno for Fall.

Step 1: Accept Admission for Fall in your MyNEVADA account.

Step 2: Activate your account for Summer admission by filling out the “Summer Session Questionnaire.” This form is located in your Student Center in MyNevada, under Supplemental Forms.

Step 3: Enroll in Summer Session! Follow the tutorial found on MyNEVADA Help, or contact the 365 Learning Office at or 775-784-4652 if you need help.