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365 Learning

365 Learning

Loan Policy

Checking Out Materials

Course-required DVDs, videos, and CDs can be checked out from 365 Learning, either in person or via mail order. Due to time constraints, students who live in Reno/Sparks are strongly encouraged to visit the 365 Learning Office to check out required materials in person. 365 Learning is located at:

365 Learning/0365
University of Nevada, Reno
Continuing Education Building, Rm. 225
1041 N. Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89557
(775) 784-4652 or (800) 233-8928

To check out materials via mail order, students will need to complete an Audiovisual Order Form and submit it to 365 Learning. Students should be sure to request the item at least two weeks in advance of when it is needed. This applies to students in the Reno/Sparks area as well as those residing in other locations.

In many cases, required videos are available online, either for purchase from retailers such as Amazon or streamed through video services such as Netflix or YouTube; in some cases, they can also be purchased from local retailers or borrowed from local libraries. If those resources are used, students are responsible for all costs associated with obtaining the materials.

Item Limit

Because of inventory demands, students will only be permitted to check out one item per class at a time. Please do not request all materials for a course at once. 365 Learning will only send one item; once that item has been returned, the student may request the next item. Please note that materials will not be automatically sent; students must submit a separate request for each item as it is needed.

Note: The one-item restriction is not applicable to weeks when multiple items are required. If more than one item is assigned within one week, 365 Learning will send all materials needed for that week.


There are no fees associated with checking out materials from 365 Learning. As long as materials are returned on time and in good condition, this service is free.

Returning Materials

All DVDs, videos, and CDs must be returned to the 365 Learning Office within one week of checkout. If the loaned material is returned to 365 Learning in good condition and within the time frame indicated, the student will not be charged any loan fees. If any loaned item is not returned or is returned in unusable condition, the student will be billed for the full replacement cost of that item. Additionally, the student’s account may be placed on fee hold with Admissions and Records, if deemed appropriate.

Note: The one-week limit for audiovisual materials is not applicable to courses requiring use of materials for longer periods of time. Some courses may utilize DVDs, videos, and/or CDs for several weeks during the semester; in such cases, students are expected to return materials immediately after they are no longer needed.