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Supervised/Proctored Examinations

General Information

Rigorous testing policies and procedures are required of an accredited university; therefore, every Online Learning course must include at least one mandatory exam that is administered in a proctored/supervised setting. Students who fail to complete all proctored examinations will not receive course credit. For instructions on the specific proctoring method used in your class, please refer to the course syllabus.

Testing with ProctorU

ProctorU is an online exam-proctoring service that allows students to complete their required supervised exams online from any location. After meeting certain technical requirements, you can use a webcam and computer to take your exams anywhere there is reliable Internet access. For full details about the ProctorU service, please visit

Important note about ProctorU appointments: Even though ProctorU will allow you to take your proctored exam from any location—including your own home—you will still need to adhere to a strict testing environment. You will not be able to take breaks from your exam or step away from your computer once the testing session has begun. If you do, the proctor will end your testing session and report the incident to your instructor and 365 Learning. Therefore, you should prepare ahead of time to sit for the exam (normally two hours) without interruption.

Exam appointments with ProctorU must be made at least three days in advance at If you do not make your appointment at least three days in advance, you will be charged a late reservation fee. Late reservations are only permitted if there is availability in ProctorU’s schedule, and rescheduled appointments can only be accommodated within the designated testing week. If you incur a late reservation fee, you are responsible for paying that directly to ProctorU. For information on how to prepare for your testing appointment (schedule, test equipment, etc.), as well as testing policies and procedures, please refer to our student handout. Information about ProctorU’s privacy policies is also available. Every exam has scheduled testing days; exams must be taken within the specified date range (see the specific exam modules within your course site for the designated testing dates). ProctorU is available for proctoring 24 hours per day, but your test must be completed by 11:45 p.m. (PT) on the last testing day.

Technical requirements must be met before you can take your exam through ProctorU. You are responsible for acquiring the necessary hardware and meeting these technical requirements before your scheduled appointment:

  • A reliable computer running Windows Vista (or higher) or Mac OS 10.5 (or higher).
  • A webcam with 640×480 video pixel resolution or higher.
  • Headphones or working speakers connected to the computer.
  • A working microphone connected to the computer. A webcam with a built-in microphone is recommended.
  • A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Flash Player 11 is recommended.
  • A reliable, high-speed Internet connection.
  • The authority to allow remote access—video and screen-sharing connections—to the computer by one of ProctorU’s proctors. (The proctor will walk you through this authorization process.)

You will need to take your exam on a supported device. Some devices are not supported by ProctorU. Non-supported devices include Google Chromebooks, Androide tablets (Nexus 7, etc.), iOS tablets (iPad, iPad mini, etc.), Linux operating systems, Microsoft Surface RT.

It is strongly recommended that you test your computer, webcam, and Internet connection at ProctorU Test It Out before your scheduled exam appointment to avoid technical difficulties during your exam. Technical issues are not a valid excuse for missing your exam or testing outside of the scheduled testing dates; such events may result in fees and/or failing the exam.

Before your exam appointment begins, make sure you do the following to have a successful testing experience:

  • Have a quiet, private location to test. The room and area around your computer will be scanned using a webcam prior to your exam, so all unauthorized materials should be put away and the area should be free of clutter.
  • Put away any notes or materials not approved for use by your instructor. Cell phones, other “smart” devices, and any other electronic devices must be turned off/silenced and put away (out of view) throughout the entire exam. Any attempts to cheat will abort the test session and will be reported to your instructor.
  • Make sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection. If you are connected through an intermittent Wi-Fi connection, you will want to plug in directly to your modem to avoid disconnecting during your exam.
  • Be prepared to sit uninterrupted for the duration of your exam. No breaks will be allowed during your testing session. Turn off your phone, use the bathroom, get a glass of water, etc., before your appointment begins.
  • Have two forms of picture identification ready to show your proctor. Approved forms of identification include, but are not limited to, a driver’s license, military identification card, passport or school-issued identification card.
  • Have a handheld mirror in order to show your proctor the edges of your computer monitor.

At the time of your exam appointment, you will be connected to your designated proctor who will walk you through the set-up process, confirm your identity and review your testing area and materials. He or she will grant you access to your online exam and be there to assist with any technical problems you may experience during testing.

In-person testing at 365 Learning

Exams that are chosen to be proctored in person must be taken at the 365 Learning Office.

Space is limited at the 365 Learning Office. You must schedule an appointment at least two weeks in advance of your desired test date. The 365 Learning Office is open 7:15 a.m.–4:45 p.m., Monday–Friday for testing. Please note that the last appointment time of the day is at 2:45 p.m. for exams with two-hour time limits. Testing ends at 4:45 p.m.; if you arrive late to your testing appointment, your time will be cut short. Exam appointments must be scheduled via the online scheduler in the WebCampus course site. Any cancellations and reschedules must be made online, up to 48 hours in advance; no cancellations or reschedules will be allowed over the phone or in person. Space is limited. If your desired date and time for a reschedule is not available or if the scheduler has closed, you must keep your scheduled appointment time.

Important note about exam appointments: 365 Learning may not be able to accommodate early check-ins to exam appointments or drop-in appointments. These last-minute changes will only be permitted if the testing schedule allows them. Drop-in exam appointments are strongly discouraged and will only be accommodated if space allows. Students who take their exams at the 365 Learning Office without an appointment or at a time other than their scheduled appointment will be charged a $50 drop-in fee. If an exam appointment is scheduled but cannot be kept, it needs to be rescheduled via the online appointment scheduler. If the exam schedule is full or if the online schedule has closed, exam appointments cannot be rescheduled and students must keep their original appointments.

In-person testing outside of the Reno/Sparks area

If you live outside the Reno, Nevada area and your course site states that you must take your exam in person, you may take the examinations under the supervision of an approved proctor. Approved proctors are: (1) the principal or vice principal of an accredited public or private school; (2) the superintendent of schools of a public school district (or his or her designee); (3) the counseling and testing office director at a university or community college; (4) the certified head librarian of a public library; (5) for members of the armed forces, the education officer at a military base. Students are responsible for locating their own proctors. Please note: Rigorous testing policies and procedures required of an accredited university make it mandatory that we accept only those proctors who fall within the categories listed above. Family members and coworkers are never acceptable proctors, regardless of their positions, and the test must always be administered in an educational setting. Tests must always be requested at least two weeks in advance. To request an exam to be sent to a proctor, please complete the electronic request form included in the course site at least two weeks prior to your exam date. You must submit a request for each exam. Failure to request your exam at least two weeks in advance may result in “0” on the exam. Late exam requests may be accommodated; however, an exam expedite fee of $60 will be assessed.

If you live outside the United States and your course site states that you must take your exam in person, you will need to include a memo on your proctor’s letterhead, indicating his or her title/position and willingness to proctor your exam when you submit your test request form. To speed the process, please include your proctor’s complete daytime/office phone and fax number (country code, city code and number) and an email address whenever possible. We also ask that your proctor and anyone answering his or her office phone speak and understand English so that we may complete the proctoring approval process and to ensure that he or she understands our procedures. If your proctor does not have a secure fax, please allow three weeks for delivery of exams outside the continental United States and be prepared to pay your proctor for the postage necessary to return the exam to 365 Learning. If the proctor has a secure fax, the test can be sent and returned in that manner.

If you have not allowed ample time for your exam to be mailed, you must request that it be sent express mail (or FedEx or UPS); an additional handling fee of $60 is assessed for each exam. Please note that even if you request and pay for your exam to be sent by priority mail, it will still be processed in the order in which it was received. Fees will be assessed via MyNEVADA.

Testing session

Regardless of your proctored exam’s location, students are responsible for following and adhering to these testing room rules and procedures:

  • Students may not leave the testing room for any reason (using the bathroom, adding money to the parking meter, making phone calls, etc.). Once an exam has started, it must be completed in one sitting.
  • No materials of any kind may be used (unless specified on your exam instructions) and all personal items must be put away under the desk. Items of clothing, cell phones, books, etc., are not allowed on the exam desk.
  • Cell phones, other “smart” devices, and any other electronic devices must be turned off/silenced and put away (out of view) throughout the entire exam.
  • If an exam has scratch paper attached, all sheets must be turned in with your exam. If more scratch paper is needed, please ask a 365 Learning staff member.
  • If you are caught cheating, your exam will be terminated immediately, deemed invalid, and you will be asked to leave. Receiving a “0” on an exam may result in failing the course.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to follow all instructions listed on the exam; please read instructions carefully prior to starting your exam.
  • All students must follow and acknowledge the exam room rules while testing at the 365 Learning Office and at off-campus locations with a proctor.


Before you will be allowed to take your exam, you will need to confirm your identity with your proctor:

  • ProctorU exams: Before you will be granted access to your online exam, you will be asked to show picture and signature identification. One form of ID will be required and you may need a backup. You will be asked a series of questions during the identity-authentication process. If you have trouble answering the authentication questions, your proctor will need to see a second form of identification. Approved forms of identification include, but are not limited to, a driver’s license, military identification card, passport or school-issued identification card.
  • In-person exams at the 365 Learning Office or with an external proctor: When you arrive at your test site, you must present picture and signature identification before the test will be administered. A driver’s license, passport or UNR student ID card with a picture are the only forms of identification acceptable for this purpose. No other forms of ID will be accepted.

A note of caution regarding exams

Please be aware that certain actions may invalidate your test and result in a grade of “0”

  1. Cheating on an exam. Cheating immediately warrants a “0” on the test, possible failure in the course, or other disciplinary action as outlined in the University of Nevada, Reno General Catalog’s academic dishonesty policy.
  2. Leaving the testing area before the exam is completed. Once the exam has begun, you must sit for its duration. Breaks for any reason are not allowed. Also, whether you are testing in the 365 Learning Office or with an off-site proctor (when applicable), be sure to park in a place that allows you ample time to take your test plus additional time for check-in, etc. Students are never allowed to leave a test to feed their parking meters and (for tests taken in Reno) the 365 Learning staff is unable to do so for them.
  3. *Mailing your own exam that was taken in person outside of the Reno/Sparks area, even if it is sealed. Be sure your proctor follows all policies stated on the test letter you sign after taking your exam.
  4. Making notes or copying parts of the exam. If you take an in-person exam, you cannot take any notes away from the test site. If you take a ProctorU exam, you cannot write down any information about the exam, even if it’s intended only for personal use.
  5. *Taking an in-person exam at a private residence (even if the proctor is acceptable). All in-person exams must be supervised in an educational setting.
  6. *Submitting deceptive or faulty proctor information for in-person exams outside of the Reno/Sparks area. All information about the proctor, his or her title, mailing information, telephone, fax and the fact that he or she is not a personal relation or friend must be accurate and true. All information is verified by 365 Learning prior to exams being sent. A grade of “0” will be assigned for the exam, with the possibility of further disciplinary action for academic dishonesty in the event a student has provided false proctor information (title, relationship, address, etc.).
  7. Not scheduling an exam appointment time. Drop-ins at the 365 Learning Office may not be accommodated and will be subject to a $50 drop-in fee. Similarly, ProctorU requires exam appointments to be made at least three days in advance; last-minute requests may not be accommodated and will result in a late-reservation fee, which the student is responsible for paying.
  8. Not taking the exam within the specified date range. This will result in a “0.”

*Note that asterisked items only apply to in-person exams taken with a proctor outside of the Reno/Sparks area.