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Academic Honesty

Students enrolled in University of Nevada, Reno Online Learning courses are expected to adhere to the same strict codes of academic honesty required of students in the classroom and to be aware of the seriousness of academic dishonesty.

Some examples of unacceptable behavior are

  • submitting someone else’s work as your own
  • working in groups on individual assignments
  • cheating on examinations
  • plagiarizing in any way

These behaviors may result in a variety of penalties, such as resubmission of lessons, failure of the course, automatic withdrawal from the course or other sanctions. If you do not have a clear understanding of these expectations, please read the University’s guidelines in the General Catalog, or contact 365 Learning.

Please note that exams may not be retaken under any circumstance.

The University’s General Catalog states, “No student can drop a course to avoid discipline for academic dishonesty or a violation of the academic standards policy. If a course is dropped before discipline is imposed, any ‘W’ may be changed to an ‘F’.”

By continuing in this class, students are automatically committing to abide by policies, including those on academic dishonesty.