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Freshman Start

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What Is Freshman Start?


Contact: Danielle Townsend, Freshman Start Coordinator
Phone: (775) 784-4652 or 1-800-233-8928

Students whose ACT/SAT scores place them into remedial ENG 98, MATH 95, or MATH 96 need to successfully complete these classes before moving on to the college-level courses required for any undergraduate degree on campus.

Freshman Start allows incoming freshman to take these classes during Summer Session and stay on track for graduation.

Math and English Placement

For math placement cutoffs, visit the Math Center’s website.

For English placement cutoffs, visit the Core Writing Program’s website.

What are my options if I’ve been placed into remedial math and/or English?

  1. Take classes early through Freshman Start! Freshman Start lets you complete MATH 95, MATH 96, or ENG 98 quickly in the summer prior to your freshman year.
  2. Retake the ACT or SAT. The University will apply the higher score if you retake both or either test.
  3. Take alternate placement tests. The Math Department offers the Accuplacer as an alternate placement option, while the Core Writing Program lets students submit a writing portfolio or take a writing exam.

For additional information about the Accuplacer, please visit the Math Center’s website. To learn more about the Core Writing Program’s alternate placement options, including how to submit a writing portfolio, visit their Course Placement Overview webpage.