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365 Learning

365 Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Where do I buy my textbooks?

    Textbooks are available from the Nevada Wolf Shop, located on the UNR campus, 87 West Stadium Way, Joe Crowley Student Union. To purchase your textbooks online, visit

  • Under what circumstances may I request an incomplete in an online course?

    By University policy, an incomplete can only be requested under defined circumstances: “Under extenuating circumstances, including illness, accident or similar medical emergency or other hardship, as described in the incomplete policy, students have the option of either requesting an incomplete grade in one or more courses, or withdrawing from the university. In both cases, students must follow the rules listed in sections of the catalog regarding policy for the incomplete grade and withdrawal from the university…non-attendance, poor performance or request to repeat the course are unacceptable reasons for issuance of the ‘I’ mark. Marks of ‘I’ are automatically changed to ‘F’ if they are not made up by the last day of the next regular semester (Summer Session excluded).” Please see the General Catalog if you have further questions.

  • May I take the class for pass/fail or audit?

    University requirements, core requirements, and some college credits cannot be taken pass/fail. Check with your advisor. Any course may be taken for audit, but you will not have credit for the course noted in your transcripts. Also, both the pass/fail or audit status MUST be requested by the deadline indicated in the academic calendar.

  • What’s the protocol for communicating with an Online Learning instructor?

    Your instructor has listed contact information and preferred methods of contact in the course site, and you should be cognizant of these preferences. In most classes, all communication with your instructor will be done via email and/or the various communication tools in WebCampus (such as mail, discussions, and chat). You should feel free to contact your instructor in the manner(s) specified whenever you have questions about the content or structure of the course.

    It is important to note that while instructors will work with students to clarify questions and work toward achieving the course outcomes, if you require extensive individualized attention, you may need to seek out additional external support. Please contact your instructor to determine which type of support (whether through UNR or a tutoring service) would be most beneficial given your needs. Remember to provide your instructor adequate time to respond to your requests and inquiries.

  • I have a question that wasn’t covered. What do I do?

    Please contact 365 Learning at (775) 784-4652 or

  • Where do I find the deadline dates to drop classes (with a refund and without)?

    To view this information, navigate to your Student Center Dashboard and click on the calendar icon next to the course you would like to view.

Testing (General)

  • Why do I have to complete a proctored/supervised test?

    Rigorous testing policies and procedures are required of an accredited university. To that end, at least one exam in an online class must be administered in a proctored/supervised setting. You are required to show identification for each proctored exam, even ones administered online, to ensure the person completing the class and taking the assessment is the one receiving the university credit.

  • What are my options for taking my proctored exam?

    Options for taking proctored exams depend on the class. In some classes, students have the choice of either testing at the 365 Learning Office or with ProctorU; other classes require the sole use of ProctorU; and some classes require that students test at the 365 Learning Office or an outside proctor. Please refer to the course site for specific requirements.

  • May I take my semester-based test early, before the assigned dates?

    No. Tests must be taken during the days assigned. No early or late tests are allowed.

  • What if I become ill and am unable to take my scheduled exam? Can I reschedule?

    If you are sick and want to reschedule your exam appointment, you will need to submit a detailed doctor’s note to the 365 Learning Office. After the note is reviewed by office staff, you will be contacted with an approval or denial of your request.

    Please note that the submitted doctor’s note must—without violating HIPAA regulations—provide a detailed explanation as to why the diagnosed condition renders you incapable of completing your exam; it should also indicate the number of days you will be incapacitated. A doctor’s general request to excuse you from the exam will be automatically rejected as inadequate.

    It is also important to point out that rescheduling requests submitted on Fridays do not leave enough time for review and approval; in these situations, you will need to either take the exam or risk not taking the exam, hoping for approval the following week once the 365 Learning Office has had sufficient time to review your request. The 365 Learning Office recommends you refrain from scheduling exams on Friday in order to avoid this type of situation.

  • After I’ve begun taking my exam, may I leave the testing room?

    No breaks are allowed during your testing session for any reason. If a student leaves the room, the proctor will end the testing session and the incident will be reported to the instructor and 365 Learning. Therefore, you should prepare ahead of time to sit for the exam (normally two hours) without interruption. For example, you should use the restroom, get a drink of water, turn off your cell phone, etc., before beginning your exam. Once the session has begun, no requests to leave may be accommodated. These policies apply to proctored exams administered online as well: once you’ve started the exam, you cannot step away from the computer for any reason.

  • Can I bring my baby or child to the proctored exam?


  • What if I have a disability? How can 365 Learning accommodate my testing needs?

    We recommend meeting with the Disability Resource Center staff at the beginning of the semester.  They will provide you with the Accommodation Request Form that you will need to bring to the 365 Learning Office.  At that time, 365 Learning will review your testing options and preferences with you.

Testing with ProctorU

  • How will ProctorU monitor my exam?

    Via the Internet and your computer’s webcam, you will be connected to a proctor during your exam. This proctor will monitor your testing area and your activities through your webcam and remote control of your desktop, which will allow the proctor to assist you with any questions or technical difficulties.

  • Will my testing session be recorded?

    In addition to live proctoring, your testing session will be recorded and reviewed by the 365 Learning staff.

  • Are the proctors trained? Is anyone supervising them?

    Every proctor undergoes training and completes all proctoring activities at a dedicated center where they are supervised by ProctorU managers.

  • What if I don’t schedule my testing appointment in time?

    Testing appointments with ProctorU MUST be scheduled at least three days in advance. If appointments are scheduled late, they are subject to a late registration fee. You may also choose to make a last-minute appointment with ProctorU for an additional fee payable to ProctorU. Late and rescheduled appointments are subject to availability in the ProctorU schedule.

    Since semester-based exams must be taken during a specified date range, it is your responsibility to know the dates and schedule your appointment accordingly. Failure to take your exam in the specified date range may result in a zero for the exam.

  • How can I be sure my computer meets the technical requirements to take an exam through ProctorU?

    You can test your computer, webcam, and Internet connection at and receive live technical support before your scheduled appointment. Hardwired internet connections will provide the most reliable internet connection for testing.

    You should also be aware that Google Chrome is ProctorU’s preferred browser. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 are also acceptable. ProctorU does not support Google Chromebooks, Android Tablets, iOS tablets, Linux operating systems, or Microsoft Surface RT. More information is available about technical requirements for taking a test with ProctorU on their Technical Specifications page.

  • What happens if I have technical problems and can’t complete my exam through ProctorU?

    You are responsible for knowing ProctorU’s technical requirements and ensuring that your computer meets them. You can review the technical requirements and test your computer’s compatibility at

    Technical issues are not a valid excuse for missing your exam, not completing it, or testing outside of the scheduled testing dates. You are strongly encouraged to schedule your testing appointment for earlier in the testing week; this will allow you time to reschedule if necessary.

  • I live outside of the Reno/Sparks area but I don’t want to use ProctorU for my exams. Can I request my exam to be sent to a proctor?

    No. If your course lists a ProctorU testing option for your exam and you live outside of the Reno/Sparks area, the exam must be taken online with ProctorU.

Testing with 365 Learning or an Outside Proctor (Non-ProctorU)

  • How do I find a proctor for my exams?

    Students in the Reno/Sparks area may take exams in the 365 Learning testing facility on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Make an appointment at least two weeks in advance as space at the 365 Learning testing facility is limited. Students outside the Reno/Sparks area that need to take an exam without a ProctorU testing option will need to find a proctor in their area. Call the testing center of any college or university near you. You may also ask a certified head librarian or a school principal or vice principal to proctor your exams. Once you locate a qualified proctor, fill out and submit the electronic test request form on your course site at least two weeks prior to your anticipated test date in order to allow ample time to process.

  • What happens if I do not schedule an exam appointment and just drop by the 365 Learning Office?

    Testing space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate your exam if you don’t have an appointment. If space allows and the exam can be accommodated, a $50 drop-in fee will be assessed to your MyNEVADA account.

  • What happens if I don’t request or schedule my exam two weeks in advance of the scheduled test dates?

    All students must request and/or schedule each exam at least two weeks prior to the designated testing date. If you live within a reasonable distance of the University of Nevada, Reno, you may take the examination under the direct supervision of the University’s 365 Learning staff. However, space is limited, so if you do not schedule an appointment at least two weeks in advance, we may not be able to accommodate your desired testing date/time.

    If you live outside the Reno/Sparks area and are taking an exam without a ProctorU testing option, you must locate an acceptable proctor and submit your proctor request form at least two weeks prior to your exam date. If you have not allowed ample time for your exam to be mailed, you must request that it be sent express mail (FedEx or UPS). Exams will not be faxed or emailed to your proctor. The cost to have your exam expedited is $60 for each exam.

    Since semester-based exams must be taken during a specified date range, it is your responsibility for knowing the dates and planning accordingly. Failure to schedule your exam appointments or arrange for a proctor with adequate notice may result in a zero for the exam.

  • If I’m testing with 365 Learning, where should I park?

    365 Learning is located on the University of Nevada, Reno campus in room 225 of the Continuing Education Building, 1041 N. Virginia Street. A metered parking lot is located next to the building off of Eleventh Street. The parking meters for this lot allow up to four hours for parking (be sure to give yourself extra time on the meter for check-in at your appointment time and any unforeseen testing delays).

    Students are advised to purchase a one-day parking permit from Parking Services to avoid metered parking and alleviate any parking concerns the day of the exam. Permits allow students to park in UNR’s West Stadium Complex and Whalen Complex. Visit for more information. 365 Learning is not responsible for any parking tickets that might be received while testing at our facility.

  • Since I can’t leave the testing room, will my proctor or the 365 Learning staff go feed my parking meter?

    No. This is an unreasonable request for students to make, whether they are asking their professor in a classroom, their proctor, or the 365 Learning staff.

  • Once I’ve requested one exam to be sent to an off-site proctor, are all subsequent exams in the class automatically sent out?

    Exams are never automatically sent. Since every student’s situation is unique and locations and proctors may change, students taking exams with an off-site proctor must request each exam two weeks before the desired test date, regardless of whether or not the proctor is the same.

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